Termicol always works with the best quality materials. Our collaboration with the best manufacturers allows us to provide the most suitable accessories to customers, in order to complete installations with the best guarantee.

Accessories / Pumping and control

Circulation pumps

We provide circulation pumps for primary circuits as well as secondary circuits.

Pumps with permissible PD up to 3,9 m.c.a.
Nº collectors: from 1 to 6.

Pump unit

The solar pump station comes equipped with electrical wiring and consists of the following elements:

  • Circulation pump.
  • 1 flow-rate regulator.
  • 1 thermometer (impulsion towards collectors).
  • 1 safety valve (6 bar).
  • 1 check valve.
  • 1 filling and 1 draining valve.
  • 1 or 2 pressure gauges.
  • Thermal insulation moulds.
  • Basic Termicol control unit STDC or TDC3.


Pomp units for primary circuits are available.


Basic solar pump 1V - STDC.

Control systems

Control units are available

Basic Termicol STDC (ACS).


Accessories / Exchangers and heat sinks

Brazed-plate heat exchangers for DHW

Heat exchangers and insulation are available.

Heat exchangers from 6 to 15 kW.
Nº collectors: from 5 to 12.

Shell and tube heat exchangers for swimming pools

Shell and tube heat exchangers for fresh-water and salt-water swimming pools are available.

Heat exchangers incoloy from 6 to 10 kW.
Nº collectors: from 5 to 9.

Dynamic air heat sinks

Single-phase heat sink.

Design conditions:

- Entering fluid temperature = 90 ºC

- Entering air temperature = 35 ºC

- Working fluid propylene glycol 30%


Static air heat sinks

Models for collector arrays (DISIPEF models) and Termosyphon (DISIPET models) are available.









1500W static heatsink.

Thermostatic valve T= 90ºC.

Passive heatsinks.

Design conditions for heatsinks connected in horizontal position:

- Wind speed 0 m/s

- Δt 70ºC

- unevenness 5%


Accessories / Other accessories

Heat transfer fluid

Heat transfer circuits for primary circuits are available.

"Fluidosol" concentrated antifreeze 2L.

Expansion systems

Expansion systems for primary circuits are available

Expansion vessel 8L.

Insulated stainless steel pipes

Insulated stainless steel pipes with double tube and cable are available

Pre-insulated stainless steel double pipe connection DN12.
Length 11 meters. Threaded joint set.

3-ways motorized valves

Premium-quality products are available.

3-ways motorized valves 1/2" (T max = 160ºC).

Filling and maintenance system for solar energy

Filling and maintenance system for solar energy with 30-litre drum and filter with viewer.

Digital and electronic filling and draining systems.

Digital filling and draining systems 120L.

Nº collectors: from 6 to 15.

Protection measurement systems

Antifreeze protection measurement systems are available.

Models :


Wastewater treatment systems

Polyphosphate cartridge filter 9 3/4".

For both, indoor and outdoor use.

Food quality polyphosphates are used with high efficiency in water treatment thanks to its effects:

- Stabilize carbonates up to 80 ° C and prevents limescale formations.

- Gradually redissolve existing incrustations.

- Prevent other product precipitations by kidnapping heavy metal ions such as iron and manganese.

- Avoid red water appearances.

Models :

Polyphosphate filter conex 3/4".