Biomass fuel is the one that comes directly from nature and pellet using system being the most used for this.

Pellet stoves / Pellet stoves


Pellet stoves produce hot air to heat the room in which they are installed. They do not require a separate boiler room and installation is very simple.

These pellet stoves create heat by burning the pellet fuel, which is no more than a small cylinder of sawdust pressed at high pressure that has high density, is compact and does not require any special storage conditions. Their high combustion heat offers efficiency and produces very few ashes.

  • Particularly suitable for direct heating of room of 60 to 100 m².
  • Equipped with remote control.
  • Clean fuel with no risk of explosion.
  • Forced-air circulation, providing rapid and uniform heating.
  • Contemporary design.
  • Colours: Ivory, black and burgundy.

Comfort ventilated stove 6 kW.