Forced Systems / Drainback


  • Suitable for both forced and drainback systems
  • Systems large surface cool or double coil
  • Floor or wall mounting


  • TERMICOL solar collectors
  • Support Frame in steel or aluminum
  • Storage tank
  • Valves and connection accessories 
  • Pumping and regulation system

Circuit characteristics

Height from the bottom of the tank to the top of the collector 3-12 m

Total pipe max: 25m


Vertical tanks

Liters Collector Ref.Flat Roof Ref. Tiled Roof P.V.P
150 S21 582DK1511S21VGP 582DK1511S21VGI
150 S21H 582DK1511S21HGP 582DK1511S21HGI
150 G21 582DK1511G21VGP 582DK1511G21VGI
150 G21H 582DK1511G21HGP 582DK1511G21HGI
150 G21M 582DK1511G21MVGP 582DK1511G21MVGI
200 S21 582DK2011S21VGP 582DK2011S21VGI
200 S26 582DK2011S26VGP 582DK2011S26VGI
200 S26H 582DK2011S26HGP 582DK2011S26HGI
200 G21 582DK2011G21VGP 582DK2011G21VGI
200 G26 582DK2011G26VGP 582DK2011G26VGI
200 G21M 582DK2011G21MVGP 582DK2011G21MVGI
200 G26M 582DK2011G26MVGP 582DK2011G26MVGI
300 2*S21 582DK3012S21VGP 582DK3012S21VGI
300 2*G21 582DK3012G21VGP 561F8014G26VGI
300 2*G21M 582DK3012G21MVGP 582DK3012G21MVGI
500 3*S21 582DK5013S21VGP 582DK5013S21VGI
500 3*G21 582DK5013G21VGP 582DK5013G21VGI
500 4*S21 582DK5014S21VGP 582DK5014S21VGI
500 4*G21 582DK5014G21VGP 582DK5014G21VGI
800 4*S26 582DK8014S26VGP 582DK8014S26VGI
800 4*G26 582DK8014G26VGP 582DK8014G26VGI
800 5*S26 582DK8015S26VGP 582DK8015S26VGI
800 5*G26 582DK8015G26VGP 582DK8015G26VGI
1000 5*S26 582DK9015S26VGP 582DK9015S26VGI
1000 5*G26 582DK9015G26VGP 582DK9015G26VGI
1000 6*S26 582DK9016S26VGP 582DK9016S26VGI
1000 6*G26 582DK9016G26VGP 582DK9016G26VGI

Wall  mounted systems

Liters Collector Ref. Flat Roof Ref. Tiled Roof P.V.P
120 S21 582DM1211S21VGP 582DM1211S21VGI
150 S21 582DM1511S21VGP 582DM1511S21VGI
200 S21 582DM2011S21VGP 582DM2011S21VGI
200 S26 582DM2011S26VGP 582DM2011S26VGI


Vertical tanks

Liters Collector Ref. Flat Roof Ref. Tiled Roof P.V.P
200 S21 582DK2021S21VGP 582DK2021S21VGI
200 S26 582DK2021S26VGP 582DK2021S26VGI
200 S26H 582DK2021S26HGP 582DK2021S26HGI
200 G21 582DK2021G21VGP 582DK2021G21VGI
200 G26 582DK2021G26VGP 582DK2021G26VGI
200 G21M 582DK2021G21MVGP 582DK2021G21MVGI
200 G26M 582DK2021G26MVGP 582DK2021G26MVGI
300 2*S21 582DK3022S21VGP 582DK3022S21VGI
300 2*G21 582DK3022G21VGP 582DK3022G21VGI
300 2*G21M 582DK3022G21MVGP 582DK3022G21MVGI
500 3*S21 582DK5023S21VGP 582DK5023S21VGI
500 3*G21 582DK5023G21VGP 582DK5023G21VGI
500 4*S21 582DK5024S21VGP 582DK5024S21VGI
500 4*G21 582DK5024G21VGP 582DK5024G21VGI
800 4*S26 582DK8024S26VGP 582DK8024S26VGI
800 4*G26 582DK8024G26VGP 582DK8024G26VGI
800 5*S26 582DK8025S26VGP 582DK8025S26VGI
800 5*G26 582DK8025G26VGP 582DK8025G26VGI
1000 5*S26 582DK9025S26VGP 582DK9025S26VGI
1000 5*G26 582DK9025G26VGP 582DK9025G26VGI
1000 6*S26 582DK9026S26VGP 582DK9026S26VGI
1000 6*G26 582DK9026G26VGP 582DK9026G26VGI