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e dedicate, since 2001, to the design and manufacture of solar thermal panels and systems. Our factory and head office is located in Seville, and our modern production process has a capacity to produce more than 200,000 square meters of flat solar collectors.

We have a highly qualified human team and expert in the service of the customer.

Our success is based on a wide range of products, in pursuit of quality and continuous improvement, and in excellence in service. With these values we have reached the leadership in the Spanish market, where we have the best professionals in the whole national territory. And with them we are expanding internationally, being already present in more than twenty countries of four continents.

Specialist manufacturer in solar thermal industry




2,1 y 2,6 m2

Family GOLD


2,1 m2

MAGNUM family

Insulation of 60 mm


Máximo rendimiento

2,5 m2


150, 200 y 300 litros

Depósito alto o bajo


Hasta 1000 litros

Integrado o vaso intermedio


For the production of DHW in different volumes and for use in existing tanks


Hybrid equipment that combines solar thermal technology and heat pump.


To 5000 liters

With a pumping unit

5-year warranty


To 5000 liters

Indoors and Outdoors

5-year warranty


To 5000 liters

Indoors and Outdoors

5-year warranty


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Termicol solar thermal collectors are developed for low temperature thermal utilization applications (below 100ºC). Its operation is based on the greenhouse effect and on absorbent surfaces, designed to withstand the harshest climatic conditions.

The most advanced materials are used for its construction in order to obtain a long useful life and maximum energy efficiency.

The collectors transform the sun’s energy into heat energy, raising the temperature of a fluid, water or antifreeze, which circulates inside it. Among the many applications we can highlight the production of sanitary hot water, the heating of swimming pools, heating, cooling, …

The operation of these solar equipment is based on the principle of free circulation or thermosyphon: when solar radiation falls on the collector, it transfers its energy to the fluid contained in it, which increases the temperature and decreases its density. A thermal difference thus arises between the liquid in the collector and the liquid in the accumulator, naturally starting a circulation of the hot fluid in the direction of the accumulator.

The heating process will take place during sunny hours, gradually increasing the temperature of the storage water.

In solar systems with forced circulation, the movement of the fluid through the collectors and the tank is produced by a circulating pump. This pump takes the fluid from the lower part of the tank (the coldest part) and drives it to the collectors through the hydraulic connections. The fluid, after raising its thermal level in the collectors, returns to the accumulator through its upper part (the hottest), thus facilitating the stratification of temperatures.

Forced systems require for their operation a control system based on the measurement of the working fluid temperatures at the collector outlet and in the accumulator.

Forced systems require for their operation a control system based on the measurement of the working fluid temperatures at the collector outlet and in the accumulator.

It is based on a technology that extracts the energy contained in the outside air and transfers it to the water, consuming minimal energy, so that 70% of the heat generated is free.

The process that occurs in aerothermal energy can be broken down into 4 phases:

  • Intercambio de calor: el aire exterior entra en contacto con el evaporador a través de un serpentín y el refrigerante que se encuentra en su interior se evapora al estar más frío que dicho aire.
  • The evaporated refrigerant moves towards the compressor and is compressed, increasing its temperature
  • The compressed gas enters the condenser, and when it condenses, it releases heat that will be used to produce DHW. The condensed hot gas becomes a liquid refrigerant again.
  • The refrigerant moves towards the expansion valve that lowers its temperature and the pressure of the refrigerant and returns it to the evaporator to restart the process.

Termicol Solar Hybrid

The Termicol Solar Hybrid range is a very efficient solution based on the integration of two technologies, solar thermal and heat pump as support for the production of sanitary hot water. This new system is capable of capturing solar radiation and thermal energy from the environment, achieving a very high energy performance.