Collectors: PLATINUM Family

  • Harp-type absorber
  • Aluminum monobloc casing
  • Closing with springs
  • 50mm insulation
  • Máximo rendimiento

Technical features

length (mm)21001095
width (mm)10952100
Long. Absorb. mm20002000
thickness (mm)100100
Gross Area (m2)2,292,29
Net Area (m2)2,022,02
Empty Weight (kg)3636
Capacity (liters)1,21,5
Peak Power (Wp)15691569
CoverTempered Glass 3.2 mm
InsulationGlass Wool 50 mm

Models and Prices

ModelDescriptionConfigurationNet Area (A.U.)Gross area (A.B.)Reference
P21Ultraselective sensor
Ultraselective Collector
Coler Ultraseletivo

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