Vertical direct storage tanks for DHW, carbon steel. Tratamiento interior vitrifi cado. 5-year warranty Without or with integrated solar station.

Exchange surface (m2)0,620,620,681,52,922,923,664,595,96,8
Weight (kg)91109123194240280335480660730
Diameter (D mm)5805807007409101.0101.1201.2601.4601.460
Height (to mm)1.1351.3401.8601.8452.1102.0702.3752.2802.1602.580
Pmax (bar) / Tmax (ºC)10 / 95

DHW coil enameled without pumping unit

ModelCapacity (liters)ManholeExterior protectionReference
ATK 150 S1504″Rigid polyurethane and leatherette602K0151
ATK 200 S200602K0201
ATK 300 S300602K0301
ATK 500 S500602K0501
ATK 750 S7505″602K0801
ATK 1.000 S BH1.00016″602K1001
ATK 1.500 S BH1.500602K1501
ATK 2.000 S BH2.000602K2001
ATK 2.500 S BH2.500602K2501
ATK 3.000 S BH3.000602K3001
ATK 4.000 S BH4.000602K4001
ATK 5.000 S BH5.000602K5001
ATK 1.000 S BP1.0005″602K1011
ATK 1.500 S BP1.500602K1511
ATK 2.000 S BP2.000602K2011
ATK 2.500 S BP2.500602K2511
ATK 3.000 S BP3.000602K3011
ATK 4.000 S BP4.000602K4011
ATK 5.000 S BP5.000602K5011

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