• Maximum energy efficiency.
  • A very efficient solution based on the integration of two technologies
    solar thermal and heat pump.
  • Support electrical resistance.
  • Automatic anti-legionella cycle.
  • Possibility of connection to photovoltaic systems.
  • Efficient fan with low acoustic impact.
  • Programmable and intuitive control panel.
  • Alarm indicators.
ModelReferenceLitersEnergy classSound pressure (dB) *
TSHT200 with 1S26655HPT2001S26200A+++31
TSHT200 with 1G26655HPT2001G26200A+++31
TSHT200 with 2S21655HPT2002S21200A+++31
TSHT200 with 2G21655HPT2002G21200A+++31
TSHT200 with 2S26655HPT2002S26200A+++31
TSHT200 with 2G26655HPT2002G26200A+++31
TSHT260 with 2S21655HPT3002S21260A+++31
TSHT260 with 2G21655HPT3002G21260A+++31
TSHT260 with 2S26655HPT3002S26260A+++31
TSHT260 with 2G26655HPT3002G26260A+++31


Technical data of heat pump and tank


Technical dataUnitsTSHT200TSHT260
Nominal capacityL194251
Maximun working pressurebar88
SCOP at 7ºC2,83
SCOP at 14ºC3,13,4
Nominal power at 7ºCW1.1001.200
Consumed powerW430430
Max. heat pump currentA9.69.6
Maximum consumption with standW2.1632.163
Maximum water temperature with BCºC6565
Maximum water temperature with resistanceºC7575
Power supply (frequency)V (Hz)1/N/230 (50)1/N/230 (50)
Electric resistance powerW1.5001.500
Insulation typePUPU
Average insulation thickness cm55
Maximun working pressurebar88
Equipment airflow rangem3/h314314

* Sound pressure measured according to EN12102 and EN9614 at 5m distance and directivity

Refrigerating circuitDescription
CWCold water inlet1″
HWHot water outlet1″
ISEntrada serpentín*1″
OSSerpentine output *1″
TSThermostat connection1/2″
EEOpening for electrical resistance1/2″
CDCondensate drainage3/4″


Collector features

Technical featuresS21S26G21G21
length (mm)L1941948
width (mm)bar888
thickness (mm)2,838
Gross Area (m2)3,13,48
Net Area (m2)W1.1001.2008
Empty Weight (kg)W4304308
Fluid capacity (L)A9.69.68


    • The controller will allow the use of the solar system as long as:
      • The temperature of the solar collector is 5ºC higher than the lower temperature of the water tank.
      • The temperature of the lower zone of the water tank is lower than 78ºC.
    • Heat pump operating modes:
      • Normal mode: the system logic will constantly calculate the maximum value of the compressor operation whenever the ambient temperature exceeds 25ºC, only activating the electrical resistance until reaching the temperature set by the user when the compressor reaches the max. Temperature. calculated to avoid its malfunction.
      • Fast heating mode: the electric resistance will start working at the same time as the compressor, until it reaches the temperature set by the user.
      • Electric resistance mode: only the electric resistance will act.


Our aerothermal equipment presents the possibility of connection to a photovoltaic installation. (These products are not included in our aerothermal kits).

When there is excess energy production, the inverter closes the contact to send the energy to the aerothermal equipment. Our heat pump heats the water using heat pump technology, accumulating this excess energy in the form of hot water.