Thermosyphons: Family GOLD A



  • Gold collectors
  • High tank
  • 1 or 2 Collectors
  • 1 Storage tank
  • 1 Support low tank
  • 1 Accessories set
  • 1 Set of connection branches
  • 5 year warranty


  • Double-jacket
  • Double glazed
  • Asas laterales
  • 50 mm. of injected rigid polyurethane insulation
  • Complete exterior in lacquered steel (body and side covers)
  • All connections on side covers
  • Very fast assembly and maintenance of the electrical kit
  • Easy and fast maintenance of the magnesium anode


  • 1 or 2 collectors
  • 1 storage tank
  • 1 high tank structure
  • 1 set of accessories
  • 1 set of connecting branches




  • Galvanized steel and magnelis coating
  • CE certified 1
  • Suitable for fl at or sloping roofs

150 litre equipment (1/2 users)

ModelCollectorNet AreaGross areaReference
G150AG21 x12,02 m22,15 m2511A150G21
G150ACIG21 x12,02 m22,15 m2511A150G21CI

200 litre equipment (3/4 users)

ModelCollectorNet AreaGross areaReference
G200AXG21 x12,02 m22,15 m2511A2001G21
G200AG26 x12,44 m22,54 m2511A2001G26
G200AXCIG21 x12,02 m22,15 m2511A2001G21CI
G200ACIG26 x12,44 m22,54 m2511A2001G26CI

300 litre equipment (5/6 users)

ModelCollectorNet AreaGross areaReference
G300AG21 x24,04 M24,3 M2511A3002G21
G300ACIG21 x24,04 M24,3 M2511A3002G21CI

Connection scheme

1Tapón de compresión 18
3Card board joint 4
44 Codo ¾ ” M-H2
46Machón plano ¾ “1
54Grupo de seguridad y retención ½ ” 1
55Válvula de seguridad ½ ” (2.5 bar) 1
63Codo de compresión 18-¾ “2
69Manguito ¾ “1
70Unión de comprensión captadores2
AManguito dieléctrico ¾” m-h 2

Termicol Solar Hybrid

The Termicol Solar Hybrid range is a very efficient solution based on the integration of two technologies, solar thermal and heat pump as support for the production of sanitary hot water. This new system is capable of capturing solar radiation and thermal energy from the environment, achieving a very high energy performance.

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