Thermosyphon Equipment: Accessories

Double-jacket enameled horizontal storage tanks

ModelCapacity (liters)Exterior protectionReference
ATK150I150Galvanized and Lacquered Steel601K0150

Thermostatic mixer valve

According to:
Temperature range
Max. operating pressure
Max. inlet temperature
Flow at 3 bar
Minimum flow:

3/4 “body with 3/4” backstop708TMZ34CT

Other accessories

Control station 1 probe703C6CTC01
Single phasic 2 kW electrical kit711KTN2000M
Single phasic 3 kW electrical kit711KTN3000M
Magnesium anode 1 1/4 “D33-310 mm714KAM114L31
2 L Antifreeze concentrate707CGF0002
5 L Antifreeze concentrate707CGF0005
10 L Antifreeze concentrate707CGF0010

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