Vertical storage tanks, AISI 316L stainless steel, 5-year warranty. AISI 316L stainless steel coils with large exchange surface

Exchange surface0,380,480,641,321,682,723,484,054,865,676,487,38,11
diameter (D mm)4805805805808008009301.1401.3001.4001.5001.6001.750
Height (A mm)1.0109801.2801.7801.7101.9202.0002.0552.1002.1552.2302.8902.935
Weight (kg)506075115135180200245300375450600725
Max. working pressure (bar)8
Max. temperature90

Direct stainless steel storage tanks

ModelCapacity (liters)Exterior protectionReferenceP.V. P €
ATV 100 IXD100Flexible polyurethane with detachable PVC cover604V0100
ATV 150 IXD150604V0150
ATV 200 IXD200604V0200
ATV 300 IXD300604V0300
ATV 500 IXD500604V0500
ATV 750 IXD800604V0800
ATV 1000 IXD1.000604V1000
ATV 1500 IXD1.500604V1500
ATV 2000 IXD2.000604V2000
ATV 2500 IXD2.500604V2500
ATV 3000 IXD3.000604V3000
ATV 4000 IXD4.000604V4000
ATV 5000 IXD5.000604V5000

Stainless steel storage tanks with fixed coil

ModelCapacity (liters)Exterior protectionReferenceP.V. P €
ATV 100 IXS100Flexible polyurethane with detachable PVC cover604V0101
ATV 150 IXS150604V0151
ATV 200 IXS200604V0201
ATV 300 IXS300604V0301
ATV 500 IXS500604V0501
ATV 750 IXS800604V0801
ATV 1000 IXS1.000604V1001
ATV 1500 IXS1.500604V1501
ATV 2000 IXS2.000604V2001
ATV 2500 IXS2.500604V2501
ATV 3000 IXS3.000604V3001
ATV 4000 IXS4.000604V4001
ATV 5000 IXS5.000604V5001