Storage Tanks: BUFFER

Vertical direct storage tanks for DHW, carbon steel. Internally enameled. 5-year warranty




Exchange surface0,380,480,641,81,83,13,14,55,56,55,57,58,5
Height (mm)1.0501.0001.3001.6401.7751.8002.0502.1652.4802.2202.7202.6502.870
Weight of direct buffer tank50607577103129150196301310316414481
Peso acumulador indirecto (kg) Weight of indirect buffer tank96123158178240346354392491557
Max. working pressure6
Max. temperature95

Buffer storage tanks with fixed Coil

ModelCapacity (liters)Exterior protectionReferenceP.V. P €
ATB 150 INS150Flexible polyurethane with detachable PVC cover603B0151
ATB 200 INS200603B0201
ATB 300 INS300603B0301
ATB 500 INS500603B0501
ATB 800 INS710603B0801
ATB 1000 INS1.000603B1001
ATB 1500 INS1.500603B1501
ATB 2000 INS2.000603B2001
ATB 2500 INS2.500603B2501
ATB 3000 INS3.000603B3001
ATB 4000 INS4.000603B4001
ATB 5000 INS5.000603B5001

Direct Buffer storage tanks

ModelCapacity (liters)Exterior protectionReferenceP.V. P €
ATB 100 IND100Flexible polyurethane with detachable PVC cover603B0100
ATB 150 IND150603B0150
ATB 200 IND200603B0200
ATB 300 IND300603B0300
ATB 500 IND500603B0500
ATB 800 IND800603B0800
ATB 1000 IND1.000603B1000
ATB 1500 IND1.500603B1500
ATB 2000 IND2.000603B2000
ATB 2500 IND2.500603B2500
ATB 3000 IND3.000603B3000
ATB 4000 IND4.000603B4000
ATB 5000 IND5.000603B5000