• The new THP range is a new efficient and renewable system for DWH production
  • It’s advanced controller that incorporates multiple functions, it allows adapting to the consumption habits of each user to maximize savings
  • Designed to cover big demads of DHW in mid-sized facilities such as gyms, farms, hotels, …


  • Large volume of DHW. Guarantees minimal heat losses thanks to its insulation
  • Recirculation connection
  • Easy installation and access: very similar to a electricheaters
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Duplex stainless steel tank 2205
  • Intelligent controller with 3 modes of operation
  • Automatic anti-legionella disinfection
  • Indoor / outdoor connection
  • Efficient fan with low acoustic impact
  • Savings: up to 75% compared to conventional systems for DHW production
  • Connection with photovoltaic installations
  • The outlet air stream can be used to cool spaces
  • 5-year guarantee for the tank and 2 years for the rest of the electronic components
Model Reference Instalation Energy class Sound power (dB) **
THP500 650HP500 Floor A 41
THP500* 650HP500S Floor A 41
  • * Equipment with coil to connect with other languages
  • ** Sound pressure measured according to EN12102 and EN9614 at 5m distance and directivity

Technical data Units Size
Nominal capacity L 500
Max pressure of service bar 6
SCOP at 7ºC * 2,52
SCOP at 14ºC ** 2,97
Thermal power range (7ºC – º4ºC) W 3.122 – 3.907
Consumed power range (7ºC – 14ºC) W 1.082 – 1.145
Thermal power with support system W 5.407
Maximum thermal power with support system W 6.165
Consumption max. with support W 2.785
Max. water temperature with HP ºC 55
Max. water temperature with resistance ºC 65
Electrical power supply 220-240 V / 1 ph / 50 Hz
Resistance power W 1.500
Insulation type Polyurethane foam 42 kg / m3
Insulation thickness cm 8
Available fan pressure Pa 70
Equipment air flow range m3/h 700
  • Optional photovoltaic connection:
    • Collector exchange surface: 0.9m2
    • Inlet / outlet water connection: 1/2 “
  • * SCOP cold climate zone according to standard UNE-EN16147
  • ** SCOP warm climate zone according to standard UNE-EN16147


Reference Description
A Electric connection
B Condensate outlet
W Hot water outlet
Su Cold water inlet
I Recirculation socket
f Air outlet
G Air inlet
Reference Measurements
A 740
B 2066
W 696
Su 1455
I 325
F 245
G 160


Refrigerating circuit Description
Compressor Rotative
Refrigerant R134a
Evaporator Copper tube and aluminum fins
Condenser 3000 series aluminum
Connections Size
Hot water outlet (inch) 1
Air inlet / outlet (mm) 160
Condensate outlet (mm) 1/2


    • Touch screen controller
    • Possibility of adaptation with photovoltaic installations
    • Automatic anti-legionella disinfection
    • Automatic defrost when the evaporator is frozen
    • Alarms:
      • Low pressure, high pressure
      • High operating temperature
      • Temperature probe
      • Battery fault
    • It incorporates 3 operating modes:
        • Eco: heat pump only operating mode
        • Auto: combination of electric resistance heat pump for faster heating
        • Boost: heat pump and electric resistance for faster heating
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