• Specially designed for small DHW demands Specially designed for small DHW demands.
  • Compact design to save space in the home.
  • Easy installation and access: very similar to electric heaters.
  • Standard recirculation connection.
  • Duplex stainless steel tank 2205 or Inox. 444
  • Intelligent controller with 3 operation modes.
  • Anti-legionella desinfection.
  • Efficient, low-impact fan.
  • Interior/exterior connection.
  • Connection with photovoltaic installations.
  • Allows dehumidification and cooling of spaces.
  • 5-year guarantee for the tank and 2 years for the rest of
    the components.

Stainless-steel tak 444

Model Reference Instalation Energy class Sound pressure (dB) *
THP100M444 650HP100M444 Mural A+ 36
THP130M444 650HP130M444 Mural A+ 36

* Sound pressure measured according to EN12102 and EN9614 at 5m distance and directivity

Duplex stainless-steel Tank 2205

Model Reference Instalation Energy class Sound pressure (dB) *
THP100 650HP100 Mural A+ 36
THP130 650HP130 Mural A+ 36

* Sound pressure measured according to EN12102 and EN9614 at 5m distance and directivity

Technical features

Technical data Units THP100 THP130
Nominal capacity L 100 130
Static pressure available bar 70 70
SCOP at 7ºC* 2,5 2,5
SCOP at 14ºC* 3,29 3,24
Recovery time (14ºC/W10-55) h 5,68 6,62
Thermal power range W 700-1200 700-1200
Power consumption range W 180-300 180-300
Maximum water temperature HP ºC 55 55
Ambient Temperature range ºC -5 / 45 -5 / 45
Resistance power W 1.500 1.500
Maximum consumption with resistance W 1.800 1.800
Maximum temperature with resistance ºC 70 70
Flow m3/h 200 200
Connection diameter mm 160 160
Electrical power supply V/ph/Hz 230 / 1 /50 230 / 1 / 50
Input/output ACS inch 1/2 1/2
  • *SCOP according to standard UNE-EN16147.
Refrigerating circuit Description
Compressor Rotative
Refrigerant R134a
Evaporator Copper tube and aluminum fins
Condenser 3000 series aluminum
Connections Size
Water inlet/outlet (inch) 1/2
Air inlet / outlet (mm) 160
Condensate outlet (mm) 1/2



Measurement THP100 THP130
A 1075 1200
B 527 527
W 522 522
D 475 600
Reference Description
1 Hot water inlet
2 Cold water inlet 1/2
3 Electric connection
4 Condensate outlet
5 Air inlet D160mm
6 Air outlet D160mm


    • Touch screen controller
    • Prepared for connection to photovoltaic installations
    • Automatic anti-legionella disinfection
    • Automatic defrost when the evaporator is frozen
    • Alarms
    • System operation according to different sections to cover all market demands:
      • In a first section: the heat pump would work up to 40ºC. At a higher temperature, the use of the heat pump would no longer be used, working only the solar thermal
      • In a second section: the heat pump allows the water to be heated up to 55ºC, and the solar thermal could be acting simultaneously
    • When the minimum water temperature is not reached by solar thermal, or the outside conditions are unfavorable, the logic of the system allows the aerothermal to work according to 3 operating modes:
      • Eco: heat pump only operating mode
      • Auto: combination of heat pump and electrical resistance when the temperature drops a lot
      • Boost: heat pump and electric resistance for faster heating


Our aerothermal equipment presents the possibility of connection to a photovoltaic installation. (These products are not included in our aerothermal kits).

    • When there is excess energy production, the inverter closes the contact to send the energy to the aerothermal equipment. Our heat pump heats the water using heat pump technology, accumulating this excess energy in the form of hot water
    • If there is no excess energy or not enough to power the compressor, THP heats the water using electricity from the mains.


Individual installations: the user can access or control the equipment remotely.

    • Individual installations: the user can access or control the equipment remotely.
    • Multiple installations: the installer can monitor and control all installations from a single control panel.
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